Thursday, July 3, 2008

TRACK FOR THE WEEKEND: Our Next Single - Da Groove Doctors feat. Tommie Nibbs - All We Need Is Love

Happy Birthday America! Hope everyone has a safe weekend. In today's world, a song like this has even more meaning... All We Need Is Love!

Peep the Rivaz mix:

All We Need Is Love - Out now on Soltrenz/Strictly Rhythm Records.

Remixes by Out Of Office, Rivaz, Dennis Christopher, and SoulSeekerz.

Available on Beatport, Traxsource, and releasing soon on iTunes.

Look out for it on your favorite mixshow in the coming weeks....


Bollywood Paneer!!!

So I just got a hold of the final version of my Talli Hua remix thats on the Singh is Kinng soundtrack. The track was sent over to Mumbai to get mixed down and mastered. Well it turns out they decided to add their own Bollywood sound to my remix and soften it up... The mix you hear on the soundtrack is not exactly what it was meant to sound like. They added lil quirky synths and things to it that takes away the energy. Am I mad? Naaaaa, Im happy to be part of such a great soundtrack. Everything's a learning experience... Welcome to

*** And before some of you interpret this as im bashing them or the soundtrack - i am definitely not. All im saying is - the version is a little different on the soundtrack than the way I originally intended it to be. They wanted some changes because they were looking for a specific sound. Doesnt make what they wanted bad - just different from what I envisioned. Both are still remixed by me. You choose which one you like and go with that mix.

CLICK HERE to download my original unreleased Talli Hua remix

Share it with the world... Play whichever you like better.