Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Updates Updates Updates!!!

So sorry for the lack of updates... Lifes been hectic since I posted here last. Alot of traveling and many hours up in the studio... plus gigs, our record label Soltrenz Records coming out with many releases, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc... arrrg I cant keep up! LOL

But we can play catch up later...

First off - A BIG shout out to Bobby Friction and Nihal on BBC Radio 1. They played a new track by myself and Moises Modesto tonight titled "Cry For Freedom"

Click Here to go to the BBC Radio 1 page

You can also hear the track on my Myspace Page

The track WILL be released officially... I will post up a release date as soon as I get more info.

I'll be working on getting it up on youtube this week as well.

I will be updating my blog with all the information... im back baby!

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