Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank You Dallas!

Djed here this past Friday and Saturday for the FOI conference... 3500 total peeps combined at the 2 parties... Saturday me and my homie DJ Boombai did a 4 turntable setup at Purgatory nightclub... I met Boombai while djing a FOI party back in 1997! 13 years later and we still doin it big...:)

Thank you Dallas for your hospitality.. see u soon!

Big shout out to Access Dallas, 106.1 Kiss FM and the Delta frat for putting on the great events..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Updates Updates Updates!!!

So sorry for the lack of updates... Lifes been hectic since I posted here last. Alot of traveling and many hours up in the studio... plus gigs, our record label Soltrenz Records coming out with many releases, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc... arrrg I cant keep up! LOL

But we can play catch up later...

First off - A BIG shout out to Bobby Friction and Nihal on BBC Radio 1. They played a new track by myself and Moises Modesto tonight titled "Cry For Freedom"

Click Here to go to the BBC Radio 1 page

You can also hear the track on my Myspace Page

The track WILL be released officially... I will post up a release date as soon as I get more info.

I'll be working on getting it up on youtube this week as well.

I will be updating my blog with all the information... im back baby!

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