Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sorry for not updating as much... changes coming soon!

Im at JFK airport on the way to St Maarten for my gig tonight... Flights delayed - gives me time to update the site a litte... sorry for the lack of updates.. I promise to be better...

1) Changes are coming to the site! I am putting up a full featured site in a month where I will have almost ALL of the tracks, mashups, mixes ive done through out my career up for free download...

2) I have 2 tracks out this week - Check out my releases on Beatport HERE

3) Shout out to Boulder, CO, Univ of Colorado, Beats from the East on 1190am for having me there last week... party was off the hook!!!

Thanks for everyones support... add my facebook and twitter as im on there a little too much... ,

New site soon!