Monday, September 8, 2008

Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) - I Cant Wait

Travis McCoy from the Gym Class Heroes is coming out with a mixtape soon and heres a track off of it...He took Nu Shooz' classic "I Cant wait" and smooooothed it out so lovely.

Click here to download

Props to them to giving a RIP shout out to NYC dance legend Willie Ninja.

Gym Class Heroes are dropping their album tomorrow... their first single Cookie Jar is cool and that chorus synth/string sample (if it is a sample) is great... im on the hunt to find out what it is.

I LOVE when Jon Stewart calls out the right wingers

Go Obama! This jpeg makes me chuckle...

New Kanye West - "Love Lockdown"

This is a bootleg recorded from a live performance... hes the man.

Click here to download

LOVE LOCKDOWN from videos22 on Vimeo.